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Curation is Triage

29 Jan 2019

Hand-drawn image showing the paths a new Medium post might take through curation vs the path a new bug might take through triage

Last fall I was at a reception held at Medium’s office in SF, talking with one of the people on their Curation team. I had a vague idea what curation was, but wanted to know more, so I asked.

Curation at Medium’s mission is to elevate high quality stories from the stream of new content posted by users.

The stream of new stories comes in with metadata attached. Some of that are tags assigned by the story’s author. Some of that is assigned by Medium’s tooling that reads a story and uses machine learning to assign tags and qualitative data.

People still look at some stories to see where they go, or if they are inappropriate.

They are trying to send the right stories to the right readers given their preferences and what they can infer about the stories and their readers’ interests.

After the member of the Curation team described that, I smiled.

For Firefox, we have a steady stream of bugs which come from contributors, Mozilla staff, and the community.

Those bugs have meta data assigned by reporters, and community.

We are investigating adding meta data to bugs using machine learning.

The community and staff look at bugs to decide where they go.

We have to get bugs in front of the right developers, prioritize bugs that affect large numbers of people using Firefox, isolate security bugs, and filter out invalid bugs.

Both curation and Firefox bug handling are triage processes which can learn from one another.

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