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03 Apr 2020 » Along the terminator

The lunar terminator
Credit: Image by the author

I’m learning how to use a bare CCD camera attached to my telescope. There are no defaults, that means this Moon is rather blue when it should be more grey. As I said, I’m learning.

The feature I want to point out is sunlight on the higher elevations that are still in darkness. You can see the sunlit patches in the darkness just the left of the middle of the photo. Looking along the Terminator is one of the best ways to see the detail of the surface.

I took this photo through my 90mm Maksutov-Cassegrain telescope with a focal length of 1,250mm. It’s a compact telescope, but still gets nice views. I used a 8 megapixel camera to take the image in FITS format which I converted to JPEG.

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