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17 Aug 2020 » Open for work

Update November 2020: In October 2020 I started a new position with Bandcamp’s engineering team. I’m no longer looking for work.

As you may have heard, Mozilla laid off a quarter of its staff, and I was one of them.

I’ll be available for work starting in September.

Three things I can help you or your organization with:

Developer workflow and productivity

At Mozilla, I was a Staff Program Manager for Developer Workflow, (a.k.a Bugmaster) and my job was a mix of roles-part evangelist, part product manager-for Bugzilla, our bug tracker. I worked with engineers to understand their needs, developed policy and process, wrote documentation, and built tools (using Node and JS) using Bugzilla’s APIs to show where we needed to focus attention, and what decisions were needed.

My work enabled teams through:

I worked with not just Mozilla staff, but also with volunteer contributors to develop useful tools to meet their particular workflows. And managed the road map for Bugzilla updates and improvements.

I learned what the gaps in Bugzilla where high value changes could be made and got those features and fixes shipped. I also pruned the code base to remove obsolete features and data.

Mozilla’s current bug type tracking, severity based triage model, and webhooks for new and changed bugs are examples of my work.

I am an experienced presenter and speaker, comfortable talking to people at different depths of technical ability, and equally comfortable in front of executives and engineers.

Names and gender

As organizations understand that names are not fixed, and gender is not a binary, they need to make sure their IT systems accommodate this, so they don’t harm and alienate the people they serve. I can drive an audit of your systems, work with product owners, and help you validate your fixes.

Moving your events from in-person to online

I helped a large conference pivot from in-person to online in a little over a month. The online conference was a success with over 1,100 people from all over the world participating.

I can help you make technology choices that support inclusion, safety, and privacy for your attendees.

Hiring me

I am open to consulting as well as full-time employment at staff or director level.

My email is

I’m based in Silicon Valley and can work remotely, but will consider relocation.

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