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11 Feb 2021 » January 2021 link log

I run a Gemini server on which I have a simple link log. At the start of the month, I’ll dump the last month’s links in an entry here.

27 January 2021

The best web browser is the one you have access to

23 January 2021

The for…of loop in JS (works with any iterable)

The two ingredient taco everyone should know how to make

17 January 2021

Origami starshade model

Tracking books read with GitHub actions and Jekyll

14 January 2021

Falsehoods programmers believe about falsehoods

The meta list of falsehoods believed by programmers

Set up a Gemini server using Oracle Cloud’s free tier

12 January 2021

Using a Raspberry Pi Zero as a travel computer

11 January 2021

The tragedy of Gemini

SSH apps and accessible Gemini publishing

2 January 2021

Sierpinski Christmas Tree

Ortho keyboard mod for Raspberry Pi 400

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