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26 May 2021 » Hello from Super Blood Moon Eclipse

The Moon in eclipse at totality with Omega 1 & 2 Scorpii
Credit: Photo by the author

I did not trust myself to set up my camera, lens, and tripod in the early morning (I’ve dropped telescopes while wide-awake.) I set them up in the bedroom the night before.

When the alarm went off at 4, I took my rig outside and saw this amazing view to the South towards West Oakland BART. Karl the Fog must have decided to watch the eclipse from the Farallons instead of the Bay.

This was imaged using a Canon Rebel SLR with a 600mm Sigma lens.

The stars to the right of the Moon are Omega 1 & 2 Scorpii. Thanks to Sky and Telescope for that bit of information.

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