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02 Jun 2021 » Chicken rant

The author's Weber grill
Credit: Photo by the author

It’s Pride and somehow the “closed on Sundays” chicken joint always comes up.

You can make a better chicken sandwich than Chick-fill-a at home, and you should learn to cook anyway.

Brine boneless thighs in buttermilk and pickle juice. Bread with a buttermilk/egg mixture and a flour dredge with paprika and cayenne. Fry in peanut oil at 350F. Serve on a brioche bun with pickle slices.

Strong options about chicken

Save chicken backs for stock. Buy chicken feet for when you make stock. Spatchcocking a chicken » roasting whole. Thighs » breasts. Keep legs on hand to grill.

Easy grilled drumsticks

You can find big packs of chicken drumsticks for cheap at the store. Especially places like Smart and Final. Keep one in the freezer for when you need to feed a crew. 2-3 make a good portion.

Pick a marinade

Use a 1/2 cup of oil or yogurt per pound of legs.

Toss legs in plastic bag with marinade and leave in fridge for two hours.

Cook covered on the hot part of a two-zone fire for five minutes, turning once.

Two zone fires are easy: light one set of burners or move coals under half of grill. Cover and wait for it to come up to 500F. Once the grill is hot, scrape the rack with a wire brush then go over it with a paper towel soaked in cooking oil held in a pair of tongs.

After that spell on the hot side, move the legs to to cool part of fire and cover for 10-15 minutes. Check temp with a quick read thermometer. Don’t worry about overcooking, legs are forgiving.

Remove from grill, and rest 5 minutes. Serve with sides.

If you want sandwiches, use boneless thighs with the skin on instead of legs. You can brine them with buttermilk and pickle juice instead of a marinade.

If you need a grill, look for one on Craigslist or similar. New Weber grills are expensive. Most hardware stores will carry replacement parts if you need them.

Happy grilling, happy Pride, and the Devil can take Chick-fil-a.

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