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Comments on Afghanistan

16 Aug 2021

The US spent 20 years occupying Afghanistan and did nothing to disrupt the Taliban’s sources of wealth and power: heroin and Saudi Arabia. To disrupt the heroin trade would had meant calling into question the War on Drugs, which remains an unquestioned pillar of US policy. I’m guessing we did nothing about the Saudi royal family’s support of the Taliban because they are rich.

We launched missiles from drones, mostly killing people who had nothing to do with the Taliban, to make the occupation more palatable on the home front, instead of addressing the root causes of the Taliban’s power, which would had been uncomfortable for the Occupying Powers.

If your anti-colonialist practice tells you it’s fine to throw people to the Taliban because they aren’t the US, you’re missing the point. The Taliban’s an American construct. Bin Laden was shooting down Soviet civilian aircraft in the 1980’s with the blessings of and weapons supplied by Reagan and Bush.

The Republican protests of Biden’s policy are hollow. The GOP is a white supremacist party. There’s no actual concern for the people of Afghanistan. It’s empty posturing for Twitter.

We have to do right by the people of Afghanistan and protect civilians (not kill them with drones), go after the Taliban’s wealth to make them toothless, and make reparations for using the people as pawns in a 40 year game of power.

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