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What does God need with a meteorite?

26 Sep 2021

Kirk asks God a question
Credit: Paramount Pictures with added text

When I was still in graduate school, one of my housemates and I decided to take a Friday afternoon and a bus to a theater off-campus to see a matinee of the fifth Star Trek movie on opening day.

My housemate and I stumbled into the cloud-covered daylight afterwards and questioned why William Shatner was allowed to direct a Star Trek movie.

The movie is about Spock’s brother trying to commandeer the Enterprise on behalf of God.

Reader, it was horrible.

Kirk, at some point in this disaster of a movie, where the bridge crew sings “Row, Row, Row Your Boat” at Yosemite, Uhura does a fan dance, and that’s about the only other bits I remember from it, asks the obvious question: What does God need with a starship?

And this is the question I have for the authors of the Tall el-Hammam paper purporting to establish the cause of the destruction of Biblical Sodom as a meteorite airburst’s plasma spike. If one believes that God destroyed Sodom isn’t faith that God did it enough, considering other experts are questioning the paper’s conclusions.

What does God need with a meteorite?

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