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25 Mar 2022 » Fighting tyrants is not cancel culture

Anne Applebaum, who thinks the two greatest threats to the West are Putin and calling out J.K. Rowling’s transphobia, was caught out today:

“Putin comments about JK Rowling suggest a deeply bizarre degree of acquaintance with American partisan discourse. Does he watch Fox news?” – Anne Applebaum

Putin’s comment was comparing sanctions and armed resistance to his war crime of invading Ukraine to ‘cancelling’ J.K. Rowling. I hate this timeline.

The genius of the “cancel culture” as a panic is it triggers the terror of being held accountable in people.

After #racefail, there was a whole group of white writers who suddenly decided they couldn’t attend WisCon out of fear of being “next.”

Putin calling the sanctions and resistance to his invasion “cancel culture” is putting a bug in the brains of people who fear accountablity can hurt them: “you might be next.”

That’s because our culture’s been infected by Calvinism, and full of people who consider themselves “the elect” which enables them to do great evil because under Calvinism, you aren’t allowed to question them, and to admit error undermines one’s claim to be in “the elect.”

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