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27 Mar 2022 » Crosseyed and Maskless

We decided not to attend WisCon in person this year. Cyn’s the co-lead for the Online Team, organizing the Discord that all attendees will be using for the long weekend, and can do her work remotely.

What settled it for us was the collapse of mask mandates. When the data supports the airborne vector model, not wearing a mask is foolish. But this goes back to how Calvinism poisoned the West, and wearing a mask would suggest that one is not one of The Elect, and if one has one of God’s limited favors, why would one need a mask, eh prole?

Yesterday we went to the City to have lunch and so Cyn could order new eyeglasses. Unless you were part of a handful of shoppers, or working, most people went unmasked. On the ferry back to Oakland, the crew constantly had to ask people to wear a mask.

Public transit has been a refuge from the maskless for awhile, and the Federal rule requiring masks on transit and in terminals (including the Ferry Building in SF) expires this April.

Mask mandates are a minimal act of care, and both Cynthia and I are at higher risk from a “breakthrough” case of COVID-19, despite our economic and racial status.

When we hear mask mandates are ending, we hear “people with disablities don’t count.”

“Our existence is political,” Cyn reminded me.

When the Alameda County Board of Supervisors removed the mask mandate earlier this year, I asked our County Supervisor’s office what it would take to get it back. The supervisor’s chief of staff said the two urban members of the board support it, but the three rural and suburban supervisors oppose them and want “normalcy.”

Normalcy is death and suffering, and the suburbs crave it.

In better news, Cyn and I did get to see Snapped Ankles play a “secret show” Friday night, and most people were masked (including the band.)

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