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18 Oct 2022 » Mass Producing Rockets

A 3D printer, printing parts for a set of three model rockets in yellow filament
Credit: Emma Humphries

A month on, I’m still pleased with my decision to get a 3D printer.

This coming weekend, the rocketry club I’m a member of will host a launch just south of San José, and several people new to the hobby want to attend but won’t have the kits they’ve ordered built or delivered in time.

I can have a batch of rockets ready for people new to the hobby in a little longer than it takes to print them (22 hours.)

I mentioned this model in a previous post and did a test print last month.

A rocket with a 3D printed fin can, fins, and nose cone stands vertically with background of other rockets

I’ll get them set up with recovery harnesses and streamers so all people need to do is slip on the body tube, load a motor, pack the recovery train, and put it on the launcher.

This little bit of just-in-time fabrication is great to have at hand.

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