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08 Jan 2023 » Tag-shaving

It’s like yak shaving, but for metadata.

Started the year with some improvements for archives and tags on this blog.

Clayton Errington’s recent post on Jekyll’s tag variables prompted me to revise what I was doing.

Since I still use GitHub Pages to build and host this, I’m not able to use Ruby gems not in GitHub’s allow-list so I can’t automatically generate a page for each unique tag I use.

Instead, I’ve created one tag archive page with a heading for each tag which serves as an internal anchor that every page using that tag links to.

Having all the tags on one page makes it easy to find all the misspellings, duplications, and formatting errors (hence, tag-shaving) which touched over 100 posts.

I should document the rules on the tags page for my benefit as much as anyone else’s.

Here’s to a new year, and more blog posts, this time with a little better navigation.

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