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14 Jan 2023 » RIP, Yukihiro Takahashi

I was crying after reading the news of Yukihiro Takahashi’s passing.

He was a crooner. I love his voice, in the same vibe as Roxy Music’s Brian Ferry.

His original music embraced electronic and mid-century style, and influenced the City Pop sound of the 1980’s (revived with the Vaporwave movement of the 2000’s and contemporary artists such as Ginger Root.)

He was YMO’s drummer, singing lead on many of their songs.

Cynthia reminded me that we did get to see him and the rest of YMO (Haruomi Hosono and Ryuchi Sakamoto) play live at the Warfield twelve years ago. I’m glad we did.

I don’t know if this is the last time he played with his YMO band mates, but this stripped-down version of Absolute Ego Dance is a favorite.

I adored his personal style, wearing colorful suits, sporting a mustache, with a pork pie hat (and yes, he did cover Mingus’ piece of the same name.)

On his 1985 album, Once a Fool,… he played a wonderful version of Todd Rundgren’s I Saw the Light,

and from his 1986 album Only When I Laugh, he un-ironically covered a 1970’s pop classic. Here’s him playing it live with a big band and long-time collaborator Miharu Kohi on keyboards.

He was a brilliant musician.

Thank you for all the joy you brought us all.

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