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05 Jul 2023 » Rocketry pride

This Pink Saturday (the day before the corporate-sponsored Pride March in SF) I realized I had the spoons for either flying rockets with LUNAR, my local NAR chapter, or going to the Womens’ March.

I arrived in Holister, wearing my Pride camp shirt and abortion rights t-shirt1, flew some rockets, and had a good time.

An orange and magenta rocket on a launch rail at the moment of ignition The same orange and magenta rocket as above, but accelerating into the sky leaving a white smoke trail, with a bright white flare from the burning propellant

Both photos courtesy of Kostas Ginis.

Our club’s summer launch site in Holister is photogenic, but those rocket-eating-trees behind a barbed wire fence on the ridge in the background require care when flying to or near our ceiling of 300 meters (~1,000 in Freedom Units™.)

The orange and magenta rocket displayed atop a vinyl turntable, next to an I Dream of Genie bottle with glowing LEDs and an eInk display

Here’s the rocket. In homage to my home, the kit name, “HyperLOC 160” became “HyphyLOC 510”. Photo by the author.

Like people and cats. It turns out that rockets have many names.

1. And I forgot to get a selfie in my outfit.

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