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13 Jul 2023 » Fredric Jameson, Cyberpunk

The handshake meme: the Black arm on the left labeled 'Jameson', the white arm 'Gibson', the clenched hands 'Realizing that the labor of long dead workers is bound up in tech'

…that enormous properly human and anti-natural power of dead human labour stored up in our machinery… which turns back on and against us in unrecognizable forms and seems to constitute the massive dystopian horizon of our collective as well as our individual praxis. -- Frederick Jameson, Postmodernism, or, the Cultural Logic of Late Capitalism

And before that:

He disconnected the construct. The presence was gone. He reconnected it. Dix? Who am I?

You got me hung, Jack. Who the fuck are you?

Ca—your buddy. Partner. What's happening, man?

Good question.

Remember being here, a second ago?


Know how a ROM personality matrix works?

Sure, bro, it's a firmware construct.

So I jack it into the bank I'm using, I can give it sequential, real time memory?

Guess so, said the construct

Okay, Dix. You are a ROM construct. Got me?

If you say so, said the construct. Who are you?


Miami, said the voice, joeboy, quick study.

Right. And for starts, Dix, you and me, we're gonna sleaze over to London grid and access a little data. You game for that?

You gonna tell me I got a choice, boy?

Which leads to this part, which has stayed with me forever.

Do me a favor, boy.

What's that, Dix?

This scam of yours, when it's over, you erase this goddam thing.

– William Gibson, Neuromancer

I can’t be the first to think of this connection, but I want to note it.

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