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24 Jul 2023 » Tunnel Vision: A BART documentary
A guerilla documentary about the Bay Area Rapid Transit system filmed from a GoPro attached to the front of a BART train takes you from SFO to far eastern Contra Costa County.
14 Jul 2023 » Hell is Being Someone Else's IP
In which Kip Manley reminds me there is no ethical immortality under capitalism.
13 Jul 2023 » Fredric Jameson, Cyberpunk
Fredric Jameson knew what The Dixie Flatline would want.
05 Jul 2023 » Rocketry pride
Some days, visibility in public, can be good
12 Jun 2023 » The Real Godwin's Law
Maybe the real Godwin's Law was all the right wing platforms we built along the way?
09 Jun 2023 » Building arbitrary patterns in Conway's Game of Life
A recent post from Conway's Game of Life community on how you build patterns deliberately
01 Jun 2023 » Starship vs. N1
SpaceX's Starship, with its 33 1st stage engines, is often compared to Sergey Korlev's N1 Moon Rocket. Tim Dodd has a recent video talking about that comparison, and where it does and doesn't fit.
08 Apr 2023 » You do not owe the world a child, no matter what they claim
Bodily autonomy is not subject to the whims of judges.
07 Apr 2023 » Fools and Stochastic Parrots
Any fool or LLM can write code
03 Apr 2023 » Web Based Feed Readers That Don't Bust Unions
No description provided
03 Apr 2023 » RIP, Ryuchi Sakamoto
Another in memoriam, that came too soon after the previous one.
02 Feb 2023 » Notes on bug handling
Notes to elaborate on about bug handling
14 Jan 2023 » RIP, Yukihiro Takahashi
Yukihiro Takahashi, one of my favorite musicians, has passed.
12 Jan 2023 » Using Jekyll Variables to Promote a Cause
In which this blog gets a burst of traffic and I update templates so I'm prepared the next time.
09 Jan 2023 » 2022 Books and Music
What I read, listened to, and enjoyed in 2022
08 Jan 2023 » Tag-shaving
Some work on the archives and consistence of this blog, working around GitHub Page's limitations
10 Dec 2022 » Occulted Mars
Mars, near opposition, about to be occulted (hidden behind) the Moon
12 Nov 2022 » On Moderation
Innocent until proven guilty does not work in social media.
28 Oct 2022 » Blogs with Cosplay
This YouTube video could had been a blog post.
28 Oct 2022 » A Social Network Must Reduce Noise
No description provided
26 Oct 2022 » RIP, Mike Davis
No description provided
18 Oct 2022 » Mass Producing Rockets
It's a gift economy that burns ammonium perchlorate. 🚀
26 Sep 2022 » Spooky Season
I'm going to need more Orange PLA, aren't I? 🎃
11 Sep 2022 » 3D Printing
In which I'm late, but present for the maker party
02 Jul 2022 » Mocking Jordan Peterson
The Canadian gadfly is easy so easy to mock, one can do it in a few lines of JavaScript
07 Jun 2022 » Who wants to live forever?
Hell, at least in science fiction, is other people, with more money than you.
28 Mar 2022 » Postmortem of an AeroTech I200W failure at Snow Ranch
Postmortem review of the failure of a AeroTech I200W due to operator error
27 Mar 2022 » On accountablity
Why I'm glad Will Smith slapped the taste out of Chris Rock's mouth.
27 Mar 2022 » Crosseyed and Maskless
The personal risk assessment is the political. The care crisis is that people don't care.
25 Mar 2022 » Fighting tyrants is not cancel culture
The horrible thing is that Putin declaring any opposition to him 'cancel culture' might work.
24 Mar 2022 » Notes: Seeing a Cat Like a State & That Owosekun/Detmer feeling
A few notes on March 24, 2022: cat names, official titles, and Trek is gay
31 Dec 2021 » 2021 Brag Sheet
Some wins, some changes, some books, some music
29 Sep 2021 » Ions for peace
SF writer Charlie Stross on the state of ion engines for space propulsion
26 Sep 2021 » What does God need with a meteorite?
In which the worst Star Trek movie has a commentary on the meteorite-destroyed-Sodom matter.
25 Sep 2021 » Dad jokes of Biblical proportions
Theodicy is when God lets a meteorite destroy a city, comedy is when your physics experiment triggers a vacuum catastrophe
20 Sep 2021 » High power abstractions
Progressing through high power rocketry certifications is about filling in abstractions
08 Sep 2021 » Founding Failsons
W.E.B. DuBois on the South's Aristocracy
16 Aug 2021 » Comments on Afghanistan
The thing to remember is that the Taliban are yet another toxic thing we created during the Cold War
14 Aug 2021 » Return to flight
Over the past forty years, computers have changed nearly everything about rocketry
13 Aug 2021 » This Must be the Cover
A YouTube playlist of covers of The Talking Heads' Naive Melody (This Must Be the Place) and some notes on playlists as blogging
24 Jun 2021 » It's time to get good at static sites
If you didn't start a blog during the lockdown, don't worry, you still can
24 Jun 2021 » Space is queer
🚀 👩‍🚀 🏳️‍🌈
02 Jun 2021 » Chicken rant
You can make a better chicken sandwich than Chick-fill-a at home, and you should learn to cook anyway.
26 May 2021 » Hello from Super Blood Moon Eclipse
Photographing the Super Blood Moon Eclipse of 2021
25 May 2021 » Re-visioning WisCon for racial justice
WisCon can be a more effective agent for structural change if it takes direction from Black scifi fans and creators
12 May 2021 » Eid Mubarak!
Photographing the waxing crescent Moon at the end of Ramadan
05 May 2021 » Great docs, approachable people, and no jerks
The open secret to making open source projects successful
13 Apr 2021 » Traffic cameras don't stop speeding, streets designed to prevent speeding will (updated)
Oakland's department of transportation proposes an expensive project to address street safety that doesn't address the actual problem of speeding, creates privacy risks, and puts Black lives in more danger
05 Apr 2021 » Tasting the season
Responding to a writing prompt about families in space
21 Feb 2021 » Gatewaykeeping considered harmful
Gatekeeping HTTP proxies for Gemini servers is not a great idea
11 Feb 2021 » January 2021 link log
Links from my gemlog for January 2021
19 Jan 2021 » If you meet a Raspberry Pi on the road
Using a Raspberry Pi as a tiny travel computer may seem to be a good idea, but is it really?
12 Jan 2021 » December 2020 link log
Links from my gemlog for December 2020
02 Jan 2021 » Making tweets ephemeral
Expiring tweets as a liberatory practice
30 Dec 2020 » This year
A few things that got me through 2020
28 Dec 2020 » An eInk calendar for Raspberry Pi
Seven Calendar Cafe leverages vanilla JS, HTML, and CSS to generate a monthly calendar for to display on an eInk display
20 Dec 2020 » Saturn and Jupiter in conjunction
We are fortunate to be living when Saturn and Jupiter are in their closest conjunction in hundreds of years. Go outside at dusk and marvel.
18 Dec 2020 » It's never aliens or lupus, but likely fraud
Amending Hanlon's Razor
02 Dec 2020 » November 2020 link log
Links from my gemlog for November 2020
27 Nov 2020 » Burdens
One tarot card describes how we're all feeling
25 Nov 2020 » November Moon
A chance to try my new telescope with my camera
22 Nov 2020 » Running cmus on Mac OS
Some things to make the cmus music player more usable on Mac OS
22 Nov 2020 » Badge ribbons
Badge ribbons Cynthia and I have considered making
21 Nov 2020 » Defining tolerance
Tolerance does not mean accepting harm to your community.
10 Nov 2020 » Three things for Congress to tell Facebook to do now
Three policies the next Congress should order Facebook to allow which will promote a diverse social media environment
27 Oct 2020 » No gods, no master branches
GitHub's updated default branch names and GitHub Pages so you can update your GitHub Pages-based blog to use a main instead of a master branch.
12 Oct 2020 » The Winner's Curse, Blaseball, and self-deception
On looking for the lie in the model
07 Oct 2020 » A Silicon Valley PSA
Billboards with code are a Silicon Valley thing
30 Sep 2020 » On PHP
A succinct observation on the state of web development
18 Sep 2020 » Being Angry
I'm angry about the Supreme Court as a single point of failure and still annoyed by React
12 Sep 2020 » React is a subsidy
JavaScript-first development is a subsidy harming the open web.
11 Sep 2020 » Rediscovering APAs
Matt Webb rediscovers an older form of fanzine publishing
06 Sep 2020 » Linkblog: Exit light, enter face shields
Four(!) links and a song: Metallica socially distances, the IETF centers users, community mutual-aid and self-reliance in uncertain times, a resource management game about preparing people for the afterlife, and Big Joanie covers Solange
30 Aug 2020 » The Kayfabe of Autocracy
QAnon is kayfabe for Trump supporters
19 Aug 2020 » Feeds or email: why not both?
Praise for a Substack feature
18 Aug 2020 » Dreaming bigger than bake sales
We have a culture that treats organizing anything bigger than a bake sale as dangerous.
17 Aug 2020 » Open for work
I'm no longer looking for a new position at this time.
29 Jul 2020 » The Meteor, the Lady Astronaut, and Scarcity
The plot of the latest of Mary Robinette Kowal's Lady Astronaut books is driven by a the same sort of failure of the American liberal imagination that prevents a just response to the COVID-19 crisis
25 Jul 2020 » You don't need React for your blog
You don't need React for your blog. Really. Don't do that.
22 Jun 2020 » Link blog: Rethinking the web
It's the summer of questioning, not disrupting, things. We're asking "why policing," "why that ugly statue celebrating a genocidal saint," and "why 1MB of gzipped JavaScript just to display a tweet?"
14 Jun 2020 » There is no 'website obesity crisis'
Stop using fat-phobic terms to call out bad design and engineering practices
26 May 2020 » Moons: real and imagined
Two waxing crescent moons
03 May 2020 » COBOL
A few words on COBOL. Dijkstra is dead. COBOL isn't.
28 Apr 2020 » Link blog: covers edition
Three covers for KEXP's #PlayingAtMyHouse, and a surprise appearance by Cyberpunk writer Rudy Rucker
19 Apr 2020 » Link blog: Four Nights of Prince Edition
Three links and holy cow, FOUR nights of Prince
14 Apr 2020 » Remembering John H Conway and his Game of Life: A linkblog
Some links about the late mathematician John H Conway and the 'game' he'll be associated with, a song made by a cellular automata, and an app co-created by Brian Eno for making your own generative music
14 Apr 2020 » Dead?
Chuq says blogs are dead; I missed the funeral.
09 Apr 2020 » WONTFIX
Concerning a hateful bug filer, and why I have a certain tattoo on my shoulder.
07 Apr 2020 » Link blog: web extensions edition
Three web extensions and a song
06 Apr 2020 » Link blog
Three links and a song
03 Apr 2020 » Retro-futurism returns to space
NASA's put the worm logo on the booster for the first crewed flight from the US to the ISS in several years, and that got me thinking.
03 Apr 2020 » Along the terminator
A photo of morning along the Terminator during the Waxing Gibbous Moon
15 Mar 2020 » To Redeem the Work of Fools
Remember what Patti Smith told us in song
03 Mar 2020 » Link blog
Three links and some music
26 Feb 2020 » Link blog
Three links and some music
23 Feb 2020 » Shitposting
Gwen Snyder on why right-wing provocations in social media aren't just 'for the luz'
06 Feb 2020 » Mozillians recommend media for Black History Month
Last month some Mozillians got together to source a reading and watching list for White people wanting to educate themselves during Black History Month.
09 Jan 2020 » Isabel Fall's Short Story on Constructed Gender and War
Isabel Fall's short story is a warning that the state could exploit the end of the binary to advance its imperialist projects. The post has been updated to include more responses and concerns about the story.
04 Dec 2019 » Lumens for nothing and the creeps for free
Cryptocurrency, bad design, and not listening to users leads to women and other marginalized genders leaving your platform
23 Nov 2019 » Unthreading
The best un-threading app is a blog of your own
19 Nov 2019 » The virtue of boring
The real work that makes progress is quotidian, and our toxic technical culture loathes that
13 Oct 2019 » Keeping joy, choosing names: The Otherwise Award
I'm glad the Motherboard recognized and called out how the initial playful naming of the award caused harm.
10 Sep 2019 » Extracting a list from a webpage
A one-liner for the browser's console to get a CSS3 selector back as a list
23 Aug 2019 » Star Wars and backpacks
Our responses to our national emergencies are made out our hubris
21 Jul 2019 » Goodbye, Yukino
In memory of the Queen of Forking Everything. May Lady Bast nuzzle her. 2004-2019
30 Jun 2019 » HTML Wins
Happy Pride. Queer lives will prevail. The Open Web will prevail.
14 Mar 2019 » Applying what we learned about triage at Mozilla to transgender health care
The patchwork implementation of trans healthcare practices worldwide looks like Mozilla's bug-handling practices before 2016, it's time to bring consistency and responsibility to trans healthcare.
05 Feb 2019 » The Top Cyberfeminist Manifestos
Cyberfeminist Manifestos are a genre, here's one take on the top 5
29 Jan 2019 » Curation is Triage
Content curation and bug triage are similar tasks with similar goals.
01 Jan 2019 » Using SSH tunnels to deploy your site
Using SSH tunneling services like Pagekite and Serveo to publish a local web application on the Open Web
11 Dec 2018 » Xenofeminism
Anticipating Xenofeminism
26 Nov 2018 » On the NPM Compromise
The compromise of the flatmap-stream package highlights two problems in tech culture: the get-rich quick scam of Bitcoin, and our lack of support and planning around maintenance of critical software.
10 Oct 2018 » A nice guide to static site generation on GitHub
No description provided
10 Oct 2018 » Get in, loser. We're going blogging.
No description provided
16 Jan 2004 » Really, XML catalogs matter
Remember when we were going to do EVERYTHING in XML?